DairyCast 0408 - Estate Planning Is NOT Succession Planning... Where's Yours?

DairyCast 0408 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0407 - Time To Reevaluate Micronutrient Package?

DairyCast 0407 Show Notes:
  •  Dr. Jeff DeFrain, research nutritionist with Zinpro offers thoughts on getting your nutrition package right after cost-cutting efforts over the past few months and where you'll see the impact of your micronutrient package.

DairyCast 0406 - Are You Asking The Right Nutrition Questions For Maximum Productivity?

DairyCast 0406 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0405 - Is Identifying Background Suppliers Important For Risk Management?

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mp3DairyCast 0405 Show Notes:
  • Planet Life Cycle Analysis identifies your supply sources to provide an 'early warning system' when something changes.  Need to identify a shortfall in your trace mineral sourcing?  Dr. Marty Matlock at the University of Arkansas explains why this type of analysis is important to industry sustainability.
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