DairyCast 0447 - Bovine Tuberculosis In Your Area? What's Next?

DairyCast 0447 Show Notes:
  • Mike Leffler, JBS United Nutritionist, shares an update on Bovine Tuberculosis. Not so much what it is and what to do after the depopulation and repopulation (depop-repop), but how to rebuild trust in the safety of the product. Good steps taken by these producers.

DairyCast 0446 - Part 2 - How Do We Miss Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows?

DairyCast 0446 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0445 - How Do We Miss Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows?

DairyCast 0445 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0444 - Veal Social Media Marketing Online At Cattle Industry Convention

DairyCast 0444 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0443 - Will International Financial Unrest Affect Your Financing Abilities?

DairyCast 0443 Show Notes:
  • Strong balance sheets and a good business plan open lender doors, according to Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial.

DairyCast 0442 - Leadership Traits For Your Management Team

DairyCast 0442 Show Notes:
  • Ian Davis, retired Senior Partner at McKinsey and Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students.  Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good... and some not very good management teams.  This half hour program is a great thought provoker for your management team and might be a good point of initiation for the 'up and comers' that are ready for advancement.  Best wishes in the New Year!
  • Link to Ian Davis program oveview and bio
  • Link to YouTube presentation

DairyCast 0441 - Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is

DairyCast 0441 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0440 - Supplement Your Crop Insurance Program With Weather Coverage From The Climate Corporation

DairyCast 0440 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0439 - It's The Economy, Silly! What Keeps American Farm Bureau Federation Economist Up At Night?

DairyCast 0439 Show Notes:
  • Food prices are higher and the consumer (Black Friday sales notwithstanding) are hunkering down.  What does it mean for U.S. agriculture and agricultural policy?  Let's ask American Farm Bureau Federation chief economist Bob Young.

DairyCast 0438 - We Know The Importance Of Technology, But How To Tell Consumers?

DairyCast 0438 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Marty Strauss, a consultant with Kahn Strauss and Associates was a speaker and panelist at the recent Food Systems Summit where discussion focused on creatively communicating what today's agriculture provides; food safety, low cost, convenience, etc.  I asked Dr Strauss how to better bridge that gap when today's consumer doesn't really understand what they're getting and why. 
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