DairyCast 0197 for October 1 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0197 Show Notes:

  • From World Dairy Expo, Vern Foster announces the re-branding of GEA Farm Technologies to include Westfalia Surge and Houle

DairyCast 0196 for September 26 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0196 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation with Dr Orlen Grunewald about his presentation at the Kansas State Risk and Profit conference  

DairyCast 0195 for September 23 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0195 Show Notes:

  • Jim Harvey, President of the Heartland Financial Resource Group, offers his advice about how to successfully transition your operation to a future generation of operators
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DairyCast 0194 for September 19 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0194 Show Notes:

  • Results of a recent survey of consumers on thoughts of what matters most to them. Is it the Iraq war or food safety? The answer may surprise you.
  • Predict when she may calve? Some new technology may help you know better

DairyCast 0193 for September 16 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0193 Show Notes:

  • Jason Henderson, Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, weighs in on the condition of the agricultural economy.

DairyCast 0192 for September 12 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0192 Show Notes:

  • How the Presidential candidates differ on agriculture policies? Who has the best stance on trade and energy? And who will likely be their Secretaries of Agriculture?

DairyCast 0191 for September 9 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0191 Show Notes:

  • Needle-free injections?  How research may allow some existing technology to offer new applications to dairy prodcuers.

DairyCast 0190 for September 5 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0190 Show Notes:

  • Jim Wiesemeyer, Informa Economics,shares his thoughts on the current politcal climate. 

DairyCast 0189 for September 2 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0189 Show Notes:

  • A new Johnes Disease resource is available from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. Click here for more information 
  • How are colleges and universities working together with industry partners to better develop today's college students to meet the challenges of our industry?

DairyCast 0188 for August 29 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0188 Show Notes:

  • Dr. Suzanne Millman, animal welfare expert at Iowa State University, offers her insights on animal welfare concerns.
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