DairyCast 0437 - Food Marketing Institute Wants To Bridge Producer Consumer Communication

DairyCast 0437 Show Notes:
  • Susan Bora, Senior VP for communications at the Food Marketing Institute, discussed efforts underway at the Food Marketing Institute to better communications from retailer to consumers.  She shares her thoughts on transparency and foreknowledge of issues which might impact perception at the recent Food Systems Summit. 

DairyCast 0436 - What Is Future Focus For Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

DairyCast 0436 Show Notes:
  • While the dairy industry has had its hands full moving forward in light of high feed prices, Matt Joyce, producer communications specialist with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, says the effort to reinforce the nutritional value of dairy products and reintroduce the producer to the consumer remains a key element of their marketing effort.
  • EatWisonsinCheese.com

DairyCast 0435 - Tubing For The 21st Century From Saint Gobain

DairyCast 0435 Show Notes:
  • As an exhibitor at World Dairy Expo, Saint Gobain was a stop for many attendees to view and discuss new tubing technologies and steps to improve milk quality.  

DairyCast 0434 - Consumer Connection: Can Research Provide Insight On Consumer Decisions?

DairyCast 0434 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0433 - NIAA's Asking If Food Animals Shall Continue To Have Access To Antibiotics?

DairyCast 0433 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0432 - How Will Recently Signed Free Trade Agreements Impact U.S. Beef Exports?

DairyCast 0432 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0431 - What Are Top Consumer Concerns?

DairyCast 0431 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0430 - Forage Overview From World Dairy Expo

DairyCast 0430 Show Notes:
  • This conversation with Mycogen Seeds customer agronomist Jon Erickson overviews comments from World Dairy Expo, outcomes from the forage contest and takes in production issues across the growing region.

DairyCast 0429 - Producer Meets Consumer At CFI's Food System Summit

DairyCast 0429 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0428 - Can Tannins Tame Odor Producing Bacteria Emissions?

DairyCast 0428 Show Notes:
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service microbiologist Terry Whitehead is using tannins to cut back manure sourced emissions in his research.  His thought process stems from his ruminant background and the impact eating leaves has on digestion.
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