DairyCast 0009 for November 7 2006

DairyCast 0009 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0008 for November 3 2006

DairyCast 0008 Show Notes:
  • Elections up next. Will the Arizona Gestation Crate and Veal Calf Stall pass? Who's behind it and what's at stake.
  • Hoof hygiene with Rich Falcone of Tasker Products. Prepare for the cold, damp months ahead.
  • John Wargowski with MidAmerica Ag and Hort Service shares his thoughts on immigration legislation before and after the election.

DairyCast 0007 for October 31 2006

DairyCast 0007 Show Notes:
  • A 2005 Poll by the Pew Intiative on Food and Biotechnology found that 2/3rds of Americans are uncomfortable with animal cloning for religious or ethical reasons. We anticipate approval by the FDA to clone food chain animals in the near future. What do you need to know and how should we communicate the issues surrounding this hot topic?
  • igenity maps DNA for livestock producers which provides an amazing amount of data on the propensity of their offspring.
  • Food scientist, Fadi Armouni, notes that even if irradiation could stop e.coli outbreaks like the devastating spinach episode, consumers might still not accept it.

DairyCast 0006 for October 27 2006

DairyCast 0006 Show Notes:
  • A listener asked us to take a look at the future direction of the dairy industry and where our attention should be focused. Donna Berry of Dairy and Foods Communications, Inc., takes up the challenge.
  • A new partnership between TekVet and IBM provides nearly real-time dairy herd health monitoring.
  • World Dairy Expo's

DairyCast 0005 for October 24 2006

DairyCast 0005 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0004 for October 20 2006

DairyCast 0004 Show Notes:
  • Corn prices moving higher and may continue as demand is pushed with lower carryover estimates. Dr. Chris Hurt with what the refineries can afford to pay.
  • Considerations for including DDGs in your dairy ration.
  • Quality forage sampling suggestions from Pioneer's Forage Forum.
  • Vermont underwrites the transition to organic with loan program.
  • Look at your training schedule. Anything in there for the employees benefit?

DairyCast 0003 for October 17 2006

DairyCast 0003 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0002 for October 13 2006

DairyCast 0002 Show Notes:
  • Chemists at the Agricultural Research Service use manure and heat to create new and effective water filter medium.
  • Testing and analysis of DDGs. Dave Tase with Dairyland Labs provides his recommendations
  • Don Tyler - Don Tyler and Associates with management support and why your HR group/person/you needs a strategic plan of your own.

DairyCast 0001 for October 3 2006

DairyCast 0001 Show Notes:
  • Inaugural DairyCast Program. Thanks for hooking up!
  • How do DDGs fit into your future? Dairy Nutritionist Randy Shaver covers the finer points of the proper ration.
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service is here to help. Currently running tests on a downsized, portable manure analysis machine to give you more frequent and accurate application information.
  • New Vet Training modules put the money where the animals are. A conversation on a new swine program at Iowa State with a reciprocal dairy program at Nebraska.
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