DairyCast 0417 - Looking At Heat Stress And Your Herd

DairyCast 0417 Show Notes:
  • Iowa State Associate Professor of Animal Science, Dr. Lance Baumgard, looks at heat stress issues in changing weather conditions and offers some solutions for your operation.

DairyCast 0416 - How Will WTO Country Of Origin Labeling Findings Impact Border Beef Trade?

DairyCast 0416 Show Notes:
  • Today we present two perspectives of the Country Of Origin Labeling issue, as we hear from Kansas State Extension Livestock Economist Glynn Tonsor and Canadian economist Kevin Grier. The World Trade Organization recently found the U.S. Country Of Origin Labeling law to not be fulfilling the stated objectives and impeding access to U.S. markets by our trading partners. 

DairyCast 0415 - Evaluate Air Quality With This Free Online Tool For Your Dairy

DairyCast 0415 Show Notes:
  • How about a free online tool intended to help you evaluate your livestock system for potential air quality improvement?  No data is collected nor is the operation identified.  This is just for you to know and consider.  Iowa State Extension Agronomist Angela Reick-Hinz joins us to overview the program called NAQSAT - National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool.

DairyCast 0414 - Connecting With Consumers On Their Terms

DairyCast 0414 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0413 - Consumers Want To Know YOU

DairyCast 0413 Show Notes:
  • Consumer education efforts are central to your ability to continue business for the long haul.  Why we do what we do when we do it,  Aaron Putze, Director External Relations, Iowa Soybean Association, joins the conversation with these selected comments from his presentation at the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit.

DairyCast 0412 - Block The Door To Animal Rights Activists

DairyCast 0412 Show Notes:
  • From the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit in Alexandria, VA.  Nebraska State Senator and Ag Committee Chair Tom Carlson shares the importance of agriculture to his state and the high regard with which producers are held.  He recommends high standards, high profile and a focus on state sovereignty in dealing with animal activist issues. 
  • More comments and presentations to come from the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit.

DairyCast 0410 - A New Tool In Your Air Emissions Toolbox Shows Promise

DairyCast 0410 Show Notes:
  • Bruce Cochrane shares a conversation on promising research to limit air emissions through the use of nanoparticle technology.

DairyCast 0409 - Washington Update: ProFarmer's Washington Watcher Keeps A Lookout

DairyCast 0409 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0408 - Estate Planning Is NOT Succession Planning... Where's Yours?

DairyCast 0408 Show Notes:
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