What is needed in a post?

Ok, some things may not be obvious. This will help you through posting your thoughts as a Headliner.

On the left of the screen is a menu option my blog.

Click on my blog and you will presented with an option Post new blog entry. Click on Post new blog entry to start a post.

What do I fill out?

Title: Keep this descriptive and brief.

Categories: In the Tag it! field put one to three one word descriptors of the text. This will tag the information for searching and later discovery. You must enter at least one descriptive word.

Body: This is where you can type the topic of interest. You may also type your text in MS Word and copy and paste it in to this area.

Input format: No action required by you

File attachments: You can provide files that might supplement your ideas in the post, attach them here.

When complete click on the submit button at the bottom of the web page. This will publish the post in the Headliner's tab (assuming you provided a picture and bio) and it will be listed is in the Latest Posts block on the right part of the web page.


For some Headliner posting assisatnce see Headliner posting tips.

To link to images or upload images:

There are two ways to post an image: use an image web link image (image stored somewhere else) or upload an image to to the show site.

To use a link to an image stored somewhere

  • On posting, you should be in the rich text mode.
  • On the tool bar is an icon of a tree (hover mouse over it and it is says insert/edit image).
  • Click on it and this brings a pop up window asking for the image url. Fill out any of the other things and then click on insert.

To upload an image

  • Click on icon of a tree (hover mouse over it and it is says insert/edit image).
  • Click on it and this brings pop up window asking for the image url. To the right of the image url space is a block with red dots. Click on this block.

This brings up another popup, an image browser.

  • At the bottom of the image browser, click to browse to find your image and then click upload. This will then put the image listed at the top of the image browser window in an image file listing area.
  • In the image listing area at top, click on the file name. This will high light the file name and display the image in that file.
  • To the very right of the image browser window, under the heading of 'operation', is the 'delete' and 'add' operations text... Click on 'add' and this will select the image, close the image browser window, and place the link of that image in the original popup window.
Last step: click on the insert button and the image is placed in the post window.


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a shout! Email us or call 1.877.28DairyCast (1.877.283.2479).