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2.7 Billion New Consumers for Dairy Industry

Thu, 2012-05-24 08:32
New research from Tetra Pak has identified 2.7 billion low-income consumers in developing countries as the dairy industry’s next big growth opportunity due to an expected rise in prosperity, purchasing power and desire for packaged liquid dairy products (LDP).

Growing beef trade hits India's sacred cow -

Fri, 2012-04-20 05:18
This year, India will displace the United States as the world's third largest beef exporter, behind Brazil and Australia. In just the first half of 2012, India exported $1.24 billion worth of meat, and a 30 percent growth in revenue from 2010 exports is projected by the end of the year, according to a U.S. Beef Export Federation study. While the bulk of Indian exports is buffalo meat bound for Middle East and Southeast Asian markets, the growing middle class in Arab countries has sparked a new craving for cow beef. The rise in demand could make India the world's king beef exporter by 2013, according to USDA estimates.

China and the death of Latin America

Sat, 2012-04-14 06:21
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — More than 40 years ago, I first read Eduardo Galeano’s classic, “Open Veins of Latin America.” Yes, it’s the same book that snarky Hugo Chavez presented to President Barack Obama in 2009. The first sentences of Galeanos’s book remain as starkly comprehensive, and controversial, as ever: “The division of labor among nations is that some specialize in winning and others in losing. Our part of the world, known today as Latin America, was precocious. It has specialized in losing ever since those remote times when Renaissance Europeans ventured across the ocean and buried their teeth in the throats of the Indian civilizations.”

Cows: The Innocent Bystanders -

Mon, 2012-04-09 11:39
What exactly fueled the firestorm over what some call "lean finely textured beef" and others call "pink slime"? Here's a possible answer: a troubling mix of industry intransigence, uninformed consumers and a megaphone-toting media—social and otherwise. The only innocent bystander was the cow.

Food inflation back on agenda as prices rise | Reuters

Thu, 2012-04-05 05:52
Global food prices rose in March for a third successive month, driven by gains in grains and vegetable oils, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization said on Thursday, putting food inflation firmly back on the economic agenda.

Beef processor files for bankruptcy over 'pink slime' uproar | Reuters

Mon, 2012-04-02 09:39
Ground beef processor AFA Foods filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday and said it plans to sell some or all of its assets, citing the impact of media coverage related to a meat filler critics have dubbed "pink slime."

Markets lower on soft demand, pink slime debacle

Mon, 2012-04-02 09:19
The majority of cattle markets traded lower last week, driven by sharply lower boxed beef prices and soft retail demand. The continuing saga of lean, fine-textured beef (LFTB), commonly referred to in the media as “pink slime,” reduced demand for the product and resulted in the temporary closure of three plants and the loss of 650 jobs.

Governors Urge Consumers to Rethink 'Pink Slime'

Thu, 2012-03-29 11:49
The main producer of "pink slime" and the politicians defending the company will have a hard time persuading consumers and grocery stores to accept the product, even if the processed beef trimmings are as safe as the industry insists. Three governors and two lieutenant governors plan to tour Beef Products's plant in South Sioux City, Neb., Thursday afternoon to show their support for the company and the several thousand jobs it creates in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas.

No More Coal-Fired Generators?

Thu, 2012-03-29 11:39
In general, a bullet to the coal industry provides a shot in the arm for natural gas. That the latest proposals from the Environmental Protection Agency haven't done so is telling. The EPA wants to limit carbon emissions from new power plants to a level that, in practical terms, could only be met by efficient gas-fired turbines. This is supportive of gas taking market share from its lumpy rival.

FYI - Hydrofracking May Kill Farm Animals

Mon, 2012-03-19 13:04
A new report has found dozens of cases of illness, death and reproductive issues in cows, horses, goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats, fish and other wildlife, and humans. It says these conditions could be the result of exposure to gas drilling operations.

BSE Regulations: US Could Lift Beef Import Ban

Mon, 2012-03-19 13:01
After years of restricted import markets, last week, the USDA said it is looking to modernise its import regulations for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). This could allow the imports of products which are currently restricted, writes Charlotte Johnston, TheCattleSite editor. Charlotte Johnston, Editor New regulations would see the US operating in line with World Organisation for Animal Health's (OIE) guidelines, which are based on the latest science and current knowledge concerning BSE.

Insight: Seeds of trouble sown at Diamond Foods years ago

Mon, 2012-03-19 07:55
The accounting scandal at snack maker Diamond Foods in recent months may have shocked shareholders and some California walnut farmers. But a number of accounting and industry experts spotted red flags some time before. A close examination of business practices at Diamond Foods, the nation's largest walnut processor and maker of Emerald nuts, points up a number of warning signs, including unusual timing of payments to growers, a leap in profit margins, and volatile inventories and cash flows.

Chinese banquet is nearing the end - Outside the Box - MarketWatch

Thu, 2012-03-15 08:29
Like the rest of the world, China’s recovery from the global financial crisis was the result of “Botox economics.” Taking advantage of a centrally controlled, command economy, Beijing boosted output through government spending and directed bank lending to maintain growth.

Animal import bans put UK drug research at risk | Reuters

Wed, 2012-03-14 07:29
Vital medical research is under threat in Britain because ferry companies and airlines are bowing to pressure from animal rights activists and refusing to carry animals destined for laboratory testing, scientists and drugmakers said on Wednesday. Researchers said all ferry companies operating routes into Britain had now banned the import of mice, rats and other animals, which are used in research labs to explore the potential of experimental new drugs.

China to add to squeeze on world corn supply

Fri, 2012-03-09 10:04
Beijing and the influential U.S. agriculture department may have overstated China's corn crop by as much as 14 percent, pointing to higher imports from the world's second-largest consumer of the grain that could squeeze already tightening global supplies. If China plugs the gap between projected and actual domestic supply with additional corn imports, it would drive up international prices already near four-month highs. Wheat markets could feel the impact too if Beijing snaps up the grain as a substitute to corn for animal feed.

Meet Claudia, The High-Tech Cow : Planet Money : NPR

Fri, 2012-03-09 07:36
Here's the secret of the modern dairy farm: The high-tech advances aren't in machinery. They're inside the cow. Take a cow like Claudia. She lives at Fulper Farms, a dairy farm in upstate New Jersey. Claudia is to a cow from the 1930's as a modern Ferrari is to a Model T. Back then, dairy farmers could get 30 pounds of milk per day from a cow. Claudia produces 75 pounds a day. To appreciate a cow like Claudia, you have to know where to look.

USB Study: Regulations to Push Up Food Prices

Sat, 2012-03-03 19:20
If you apply Newton's third law, the equal and opposite reaction to potential increased regulations on the U.S. poultry and livestock sectors may be anything but pleasant for consumers who are already facing increased food costs associated with higher input costs.

Corn Imports by China Seen Increasing Sevenfold on Demand - Businessweek

Fri, 2012-02-24 12:49
Corn imports by China, the world’s second-largest consumer, may surge sevenfold to a record 28 million metric tons by 2015-2016 as local production fails to keep pace with increased demand, according to INTL FCStone Inc. Imports may gain from 4 million tons in 2011-2012 and reach 13 million tons by 2012-2013, Mike O’Dea, senior risk manager, told a conference in Singapore. The local harvest may reach 187 million tons next year, 6.5 percent less than projected demand, according to a presentation from O’Dea.

Surveillance Key To Preventing The Spread Of Foot and Mouth Disease

Thu, 2012-02-23 13:05
In a worst-case scenario simulation of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in Mexico, researchers found that establishing a good surveillance system and raising a more resilient breed of cattle could lessen the blow to the Mexican cattle industry should an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) or other infectious disease occur.