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DairyCast 0420 - Does Methane Production Vary By Individual Cow?

DairyCast 0420 Show Notes:
  • Walking the tradeshow floor at the American Dairy Science Association joint meeting with the American Society of Animal Scientists, Truffle Media's John Blue happens upon a new process to monitor methane production on individual cows.  It's another tool in your herd management toolbox... coming soon!

DairyCast 0415 - Evaluate Air Quality With This Free Online Tool For Your Dairy

DairyCast 0415 Show Notes:
  • How about a free online tool intended to help you evaluate your livestock system for potential air quality improvement?  No data is collected nor is the operation identified.  This is just for you to know and consider.  Iowa State Extension Agronomist Angela Reick-Hinz joins us to overview the program called NAQSAT - National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool.

DairyCast 0410 - A New Tool In Your Air Emissions Toolbox Shows Promise

DairyCast 0410 Show Notes:
  • Bruce Cochrane shares a conversation on promising research to limit air emissions through the use of nanoparticle technology.

DairyCast 0402 - Will New Anaerobic Digester Technology Pay?

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mp3DairyCast 0402 Show Notes:

  • President of DGH Engineering, Dennis Hodgkinson talks with Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane about the company's new digester technology. 
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