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DairyCast 0092 for September 7 2007

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Show Notes:

  • Work on a cattle fertility gene explained
  • Identification from the ID/Info Expo - today a view of Canada's work at syncing different systems and the difference it can make
  • Transport suggestions from Dr. Mark Hilton at Purdue University

DairyCast 0050 for April 13, 2007

DairyCast 0050 Show Notes:
  • Somark co-founder Mark Pydynowski on his company's new RFID ink for livestock
  • Dan Murphy with on animal welfare
  • Wes Jamison from the University of Florida on working with people from different cultures

DairyCast 0033 February 9 2007

DairyCast 0033 Show Notes:
  • 10 minute e. Coli test under development at Drexel University
  • Canadian BSE update from U.S.D.A.
  • Dr. Geoffrey Zanton at work on reducing dairy heifer manure output through use of concentrates.
  • New company unveiled at World Ag Expo seeks to monetize dairy manure through methane and carbon credits with cash back to producers.
  • OptiBrand takes livestock traceability to a new level
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