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Panel Discussion - Animal ID Industry Compatibility – How do we make this happen?

Animal ID Industry Compatibility – How do we make this happen? - Dr. James Moest, Lena Veterinary Clinic, Lena, IL, Practicing Veterinarian; Dr. Jim Logan, Wyoming Livestock Board, State Animal Health Official; Dr. Keith Roehr, State Veterinarian, Colorado Department of Agriculture; and John Picanso, USDA/APHIS/VS, from the 2012 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, March 26 - 29, Denver, CO, USA.

DairyCast 0412 - Block The Door To Animal Rights Activists

DairyCast 0412 Show Notes:
  • From the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit in Alexandria, VA.  Nebraska State Senator and Ag Committee Chair Tom Carlson shares the importance of agriculture to his state and the high regard with which producers are held.  He recommends high standards, high profile and a focus on state sovereignty in dealing with animal activist issues. 
  • More comments and presentations to come from the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit.

DairyCast 0276 - Susan Carter leads a discussion on horse slaughter

Download mp3DairyCast 0276 Show Notes:

  • Susan Carter, USDA, leads a discussion on horse slaughter with Idaho State Police Brand Inspector Larry Hahurst and Wayne Pacelle, Humane Society of the United States

DairyCast 0211 for November 18 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0211 Show Notes:

  • Philip Lobo, Animal Agriculture Alliance, provides perspectives on Proposition 2 passing in the state of California and what implications it may have for the rest of us in animal agriculture

Could Prop 2 impact the dairy industry?

As Election Day draws near, debate on Proposition 2 heats up in California and across the nation. Prop 2 continues to generate attention, including recent appearances by proponents on the Oprah Winfrey show and the Ellen Degeneres show.

DairyCast 0182 for August 8 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0182 Show Notes:

  • The conclusion of our conversation on animal welfare from the Cattle Industry Summer Conference features a question and answer session.

DairyCast 0181 for August 5 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0181 Show Notes:

  • Continuing our discussion of the dairy and beef industries response to animal handling concerns, this is part two of the recent Cattle Industry Summer Conference.

DairyCast 0180 for August 1 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0180 Show Notes:

  • With mainstream media grabbing a hold of various animal mistreatment videos, the beef and dairy industries are working together to get the positive messages heard. The Cattle Industry Summer Conference recently hosted the Joint Beef and Dairy Industry Symposium.
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