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DairyCast Update for February 17, 2012, Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows

We have a special two-part series just posted from the recent Cattle Industry Convention Dairy Producers Communications Forum. Kansas State's Dr Mike Appley looks at antibiotic residues in cull cows and bob veal calves [Part 1] [Part 2]. Why do we miss the withdrawal periods on these? And if we are meeting or exceeding those withdrawals, can our method of application still cause a positive response?

DairyCast Update for Februray 3, 2012, Ag Financial Landscape

AgStar's Paul DeBriyn says there's no shortage of money for those that can show good risk management and marketing skills. He provides thoughts on industry financing and looking at the strength of agriculture's balance sheet.

DairyCast Update for January 19, 2012, Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is - Tony Flood,International Food Information Council, asks "How much time do you spend learning about something you don't think you'll need?" and provides insight on how this applies to food safety. He suggests creativity is key to implementing food safety.
  • Study: Cost of Production More Important Than Milk Prices - According to the DairyCo (UK) Milkbench+ report, the relationship between cost of production and profit is much stronger than many dairies realize. The report states that cost of production is the most significant factor in determining profit. Another key finding: "Average yield per cow is not the main driver of profit. Higher yields are not the answer if they are produced at the expense of feed efficiency; every extra gallon needs to be profitable."
  • Audio: Do You Have Leadership Traits? - Ian Davis, retired Managing Director at McKinsey & Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students. Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good...

DairyCast Update for Dceember 16, 2011, What is Weather Insurance?

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If you could take weather risks out of the picture, how would it change your decision making? The Climate Corporation can do just that with their unique insurance program. Not production insurance, not crop insurance, but weather insurance. 

DairyCast update for December 1, 2011, It's The Economy, Silly! What Keeps Economist Up At Night?

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You know how to produce milk. Lots of it. And very efficiently. But those things outside your control never end. Consumers want today's prices and quality produced under conditions and technology from the 1950's. How do you tell them agriculture needs technology to feed 7 billion people?  What don't they understand? Dr. Marty Strauss, Kahn Strauss and Associates, shares how to better bridge that producer / consumer communications gap when today's consumer doesn't really understand what they're getting and why. 

And speaking of consumers, food prices rising. Will they blame ethanol or milk producers? And what will it mean inside the beltway when negotiations on the next Farm Bill begin? American Farm Bureau chief economist Bob Young shares that and more.
How is your dairy conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand.

DairyCast Update for November 18, 2011, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Wish List

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Do you like surprises?  Susan Bora, Senior Vice President at the Food Marketing Institute, says her processor/retailer members don't either. When asked how we can work better with our retail partners, top of her list is letting them know when something is coming their way, good or bad. Transparency is a virtue, because in this internet i-reporter driven age, it will be outed sooner or later.

Conversations from the World Dairy Expo highlights the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Wish List. What they're doing and where they're going in the year ahead. It's all about moving product from the shelves and from our shores. More conference conversations coming in the weeks ahead so stay tuned.
How is your dairy conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand.

DairyCast Update for November 3, 2011, Are Animal Antibiotics Coming To An End?

Conference conversations! Recent meetings in Chicago looked at agricultural access to antibiotics and connecting with consumers. 

The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) has developed a deep dataset on consumer perspective and buying decisions. Charlie Arnot, CFI's CEO, shares the first chapter in this presentation at the Food Systems Summit.

Presentations from the National Institute for Animal Agriculture's conference, "Antibiotic Use in Animal Agriculture", are now online.  Preview topics and interests with this podcast episode featuring Q&A to a multi-species panel.
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DairyCast update for October 21, 2011, Forage Overview From World Dairy Expo

A conversation from World Dairy Expo and the recent Town Hall conversation from the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance heads up the list at DairyCast.com this week. 

Forage is always in focus at World Dairy Expo and our congratulations to Kelli Hinman of Wheatland, WY, named Grand Champion Forage exhibitor.  We spent some time with agronomist Jon Erickson discussing growing conditions this year and harvest yield comments. Link to more information on the World Forage Analysis Superbowl Winners.

A unique group of producers, consumer advocates, retailers and processors connected at the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance Food Dialogues Town Hall meeting recently. The multi-venue program allowed for insights from the panel as well as attending guests and questions from the audience.  You'll want to view the full proceedings here.
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DairyCast Update for October 6, 2011, Is The 'Dairy Security Act Of 2011' Best For Industry?

On the road again!  The dairy world is turned towards Madison, Wisconsin and the annual World Dairy Expo.  DairyCast is cruising the tradeshow and seminars to see what's new and what's not.

A few more conferences to note in quick succession: Food System Summit program October 25-26 in Chicago; and National Institute For Animal Agriculture's Antibiotic Use In Food Animals Conference, October 26-27 in Chicago.

A recent DairyCast episode featured USDA/ARS research on the use of tannin to stymie bacteria growth and gas emissions.  Dr. Terry Whitehead, microbiologist, reports good success in cutting odor issues in lagoons.
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DairyCast Update for Septemnber 23, 2011, How Can Your Experience Impact Others?

Good management thoughts online at DairyCast.com this week.  You may want to check this article from Ag Professional on Preventing Embezzlement. When we're focused on making things work in difficult circumstances, we can miss what should be obvious in other areas. It's a good checklist to keep everyone on the uppity-up.

We also happened upon a good online presentation we'll share from the Stanford Graduate School of Business as Dean Emeritus Dr. Robert L. Joss shares his Top 10 Life Lessons. This audio is good for you to share with others.  (I liked #8 - "Run It Like You Own It".) 
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