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DairyCast update for May 5, 2011, Block The Door To Animal Rights Activists

The Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit in Alexandria, VA is an annual gathering of producers and industry concerned about the continuation of livestock production in the U.S.  Truffle Media is capturing those presentations to share with you in coming days.

DairyCast Update for April 22, 2011, What Are Consumers' Role in Production Practices?

Will the world population reach 9 billion by 2050?  If so, where?  And how will it impact your markets and the future of your industry?

Dr. Douglas Southgate, Jr. discussed demographic trends and the future demands for animal agriculture at the recent National Institute of Animal Agriculture Annual Conference in San Antonio.  His comments are featured this week at DairyCast.com with other presentations scheduled to come online in the next few days.

Here's the bad news... another report of animal mismanagement and ill-handling just out.  Bad actors must be identified and reformed by our industry, not by those wanting to shut us down. 

DairyCast update for April 8, 2011, What Does NIAA Have In Store For Its Conference?

What are Nanoparticles? They may provide value in dealing with agricultural air emissions.  Researcher Dr. Bernardo Predicala discusses his specific interest in ammonia suppression but suggests the long-term outlook is positive across a range of contaminants.

What does USDA's 'Test and Hold' mean? This new requirement for meat and poultry products will enhance existing procedures and help to reduce foodborne illnesses.

DairyCast Update for March 25, 2011, Are Air Emissions A Concern?

It's muddy boots time as spring hits full swing.  If your boots aren't muddy, you must be in Texas where drought is threatening to break a decades long record of dryness. 

We're thinking Washington this week as farm bill discussions continue.  ProFarmer's Jim Wiesemeyer shares his outlook on macro factors affecting agriculture.  Also some exciting news in nanoparticle technology as it relates to air quality in livestock operations.

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DairyCast Update for March 11, 2011, Handing It Over To The Next Generation

An interesting conversation is highlighted from our recent trip to the World Ag Expo.  We discuss succession planning with Caroline Berry, Caroline Berry Consulting, who says, "Estate planning and succession planning are not the same.  I frequently talk with someone who tells me their accountant has 'all that' under control."  You don't discuss succession planning with your accountant.  You discuss it with your successors.

Listen to this important conversation about planning for the future of your business with Caroline Berry.  The entire World Ag Expo panel video is also available on DairyCast.

And check out some of the other conversations from the Dairy Exhibit barn.  We'll continue to bring you conversations from around the dairy industry in coming weeks.  Let me know what you think about them with an email to Feedback@DairyCast.com.
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DairyCast Update for February 25, 2011, Is Identifying Background Suppliers Important For Risk Management?

The World Ag Expo continues to expand its influence as a showcase for California agriculture in general and dairy production specifically. Our friends at Progressive Dairymen put together a list of some new and updated interesting products from the event.

The DairyCast team is planning several additional post-event conversations with participants whose presentations and observations we found particularly compelling.

DairyCast Update for February 10, 2011, Economist Says Ag Industry Outlook Bright

Product quality and interest, in responding to market demand, will continue to drive U.S. dairy exports in the coming years. Free trade agreements before Congress must advance to keep the international playing field level. Brian Briggeman, economist, provides insight on this issue.

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DairyCast update for January 28, 2011, Life After Business Trauma

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DairyCast Update for January 14, 2011, Will New Anaerobic Digester Technologies Pay?

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DairyCast update for December 17, 2010, Hoof Trimmers Helping Hands This Holiday

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