Is the US milk supply at risk?

Where does milk come from besides "cows"? This maps shows that 50% of US milk comes from a small number of counties.
If a dairy disease outbreak occurs in relatively few regions in the country, this would have a huge impact on milk production and availability to consumers throughout the country.

Dr. Terry Etherton highlights that these concentrations are a risk from a disease outbreak point of view, and also from bioterrorism point of view.

What is the future of Latinos in agriculture?

Latinos and diamonds Orlando Gil, TCTS Global, shares his thoughts on the future of Latinos in agriculture.
The old story “Acres of Diamonds” told by Russell Conwell in the early 20th century, may ring true today when one considers the growth of the Latino population and our present and future needs for talent in Agriculture.
What does this have to do with Latinos and the present and future needs for talent in Agriculture? Do Latinos represent “acres of diamonds” when it comes to future leadership in Agriculture?

How Can Policy Makers Learn More About Animal Science?

Animal Frontiers The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS), and the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) launched a new print publication at the Joint Association Meeting (JAM) in New Orleans. Animal Frontiers aims to help bring animal science information to a broad audience with concise and focused series four times a year.
Each issue of Animal Frontiers will address a common theme with leading authors in those areas addressing various aspects of the theme. Animal Frontiers is published quarterly with an intended international readership of scientists, politicians, industry leaders and the general public seeking a scientific perspective on issues related to animal agriculture.

DairyCast Update for August 31, 2010, Big Boys Probably Won't Play Together Well On Farm Bill Debate

Temperatures might be cooling but the Amaferm Beat the Heat Challenge is still on. Learn more about Amaferm and how it can help you become more profitable and your cows more efficient.

DairyCast update for June 30, 2010, How can you gain more milk with less feed?

Thanks for all of the comments and thoughts on ways that we can continue to bridge the gap between consumers and the dairy. I want to share a couple of the great ideas and responses your fellow producers shared with me.

DairyCast update for April 6, 2010, The Capitol Hill Update with Colin Woodall

Recently released and highly anticipated USDA reports illustrated good news for the livestock community, as corn prices continue to trend downward. Hopefully with good weather for the upcoming planting season, feed input prices will remain manageable. I want to broaden our outlook today by taking a look at the business climate for dairy producers and products.

Raw Milk Debate Information Page

Milk Cans Stay on top of the raw milk conversations. Raw Milk is in the news again because of recent (March 26, 2010) illnesses reported in Michigan. This page is to help provide you with information, news, and opinion about raw milk.

Raw Milk conversations for May 1 - May 18, 2010 (click image for larger version)
Raw Milk Conversations






DairyCast update for March 23, 2010, Singing Cows and Guns that Blow Bubbles

As I notice the flowers next to the barn beginning to bloom, I realize that Spring is finally here. Spring is a sign of renewal and new beginnings. Hopefully the dairy industry and milk prices will respond favorably to the new season.
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