DairyCast Update for August 31, 2010, Big Boys Probably Won't Play Together Well On Farm Bill Debate

Temperatures might be cooling but the Amaferm Beat the Heat Challenge is still on. Learn more about Amaferm and how it can help you become more profitable and your cows more efficient.

DairyCast 0384 - Big Boys Probably Won't Play Together Well On Farm Bill Debate

mp3DairyCast 0384 Show Notes:
  • Farm Bill debate will likely be as partisan as all other legislative battles this term, according to Sara Wyant from Agri-Pulse.

DairyCast 0383 - How to make your ration pay for itself

mp3DairyCast 0383 Show Notes:
  • Learn how you can join fellow dairyman Lee Holtmeier of Linn Willow Creek Dairy to improve the profitability of your feeding program.

DairyCast Update for Auguest 12, 2010, What Can Help You To Increase Profits?

There is not much time left this year for the US Congress to pass estate tax legislation. 2010 had the estate tax completely repealed - But that repeal is temporary. If Congress fails to act before January 1, 2011, then estate taxes will be reinstated and at a level we have not seen for 10 years.

DairyCast 0382 - Arizona dairy nutritionist offers advice increase profits

mp3DairyCast 0382 Show Notes:
  • Arizona dairy nutritionist, Ueli Zaugg of Zaugg Dairy Nutrition provides his thoughts and recommendations on how you can improve efficiencies and profitability.

DairyCast update for July 29, 2010, The Heat Is On

The intro note is short this week: Trent and his wife, Karen, are starting on a new venture with the birth of their son, Silas Arthur. Please feel free to send wishes and notes via

DairyCast update for July 15, 2010, What Plants Should You be Concerned With in Your Forages?

This week is our local county fair. It is always a highlight of the year for me personally to see so many young people proudly displaying their months of hard work in an agriculture project. But it is also an excellent opportunity for all of us in agriculture to share our story with the public.

DairyCast 0381 - What plants should you be concerned with in your forages?

mp3DairyCast 0381 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Larry Hollis, Kansas State Cattle Veterinarian, shares his concerns over some dangerous plants and the potential damage they can cause your cows.

DairyCast 0380 - The verdict is in on Roundup Ready Alfalfa

mp3DairyCast 0380 Show Notes:

DairyCast update for June 30, 2010, How can you gain more milk with less feed?

Thanks for all of the comments and thoughts on ways that we can continue to bridge the gap between consumers and the dairy. I want to share a couple of the great ideas and responses your fellow producers shared with me.
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