Global Green Revolution in Animal Agriculture?

Global Green Revolution in Animal Agriculture Dr. Frank Mitloehner provides some practical reference stories from Europe on the viability of standard small operations that would struggle to produce the quantity of food for the growing population. His example story is from the first ‘Bioenergiedorf’ (bioenergy village) Jühnde, in the heart of Germany, where the inhabitants are implementing 21st century energy production systems on top of dairy operations utilizing 1960's production technology.
Most of the dairy barns have not been modernized since the 1960s-’70s, and the scale of production has always been extremely small, especially to someone like me, who is used to California dairies and other concentrated feeding operations. A 100-head dairy is considered a large operation in this idyllic village and other places throughout central Europe.
Dr. Mitloehner highlights that the small dairy farm approach traditional in Europe actually creates a larger carbon footprint than larger operations with 1000's of cows. Dr. Mitloehner advocates for a global green revolution in animal agriculture, "coupled with technology transfers, to supply a growing demand for animal protein, while providing environmental stewardship by using sustainable and modern production practices."

How Does Veal + Social Media Work?

Veal via Social Media
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Presenting an update on the recently launched social media marketing campaign for veal, George Quackenbush, Director of Promotions for the Michigan Beef Industry Commission, shares the vision and scope of the fast moving initiative.

DairyCast Update for February 17, 2012, Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows

We have a special two-part series just posted from the recent Cattle Industry Convention Dairy Producers Communications Forum. Kansas State's Dr Mike Appley looks at antibiotic residues in cull cows and bob veal calves [Part 1] [Part 2]. Why do we miss the withdrawal periods on these? And if we are meeting or exceeding those withdrawals, can our method of application still cause a positive response?

DairyCast 0446 - Part 2 - How Do We Miss Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows?

DairyCast 0446 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0445 - How Do We Miss Antibiotic Residues On Cull Cows?

DairyCast 0445 Show Notes:

International Ag Financial Unrest?

International Financial
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Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial, says strong balance sheets and a good business plan open lender doors.

DairyCast Update for Februray 3, 2012, Ag Financial Landscape

AgStar's Paul DeBriyn says there's no shortage of money for those that can show good risk management and marketing skills. He provides thoughts on industry financing and looking at the strength of agriculture's balance sheet.

DairyCast 0444 - Veal Social Media Marketing Online At Cattle Industry Convention

DairyCast 0444 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0443 - Will International Financial Unrest Affect Your Financing Abilities?

DairyCast 0443 Show Notes:
  • Strong balance sheets and a good business plan open lender doors, according to Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial.

DairyCast Update for January 19, 2012, Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is

Information To Help Your Operations

  • Audio: Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is - Tony Flood,International Food Information Council, asks "How much time do you spend learning about something you don't think you'll need?" and provides insight on how this applies to food safety. He suggests creativity is key to implementing food safety.
  • Study: Cost of Production More Important Than Milk Prices - According to the DairyCo (UK) Milkbench+ report, the relationship between cost of production and profit is much stronger than many dairies realize. The report states that cost of production is the most significant factor in determining profit. Another key finding: "Average yield per cow is not the main driver of profit. Higher yields are not the answer if they are produced at the expense of feed efficiency; every extra gallon needs to be profitable."
  • Audio: Do You Have Leadership Traits? - Ian Davis, retired Managing Director at McKinsey & Company, recently shared his top five leadership traits with Stanford's Graduate School of Business students. Ian has consulted with major international management leaders, seeing very good...
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