DairyCast 0068 for June 15 2007

DairyCast 0068 Show Notes:

  • Looking at equipment evolution with Doug Reinemann
  • Management Consultant Don Tyler on emerging and cross-cultural management training
  • Spanish dairy training modules from Wisconsin Extension. Link for more information.

Risk based inspection series, segment 01

This multi part risk based inspection series provides you information on what issues are important to risk based inspection (RBI).

This epsiode is about 90 minutes long and features Dr. Barbara Masters, Administrator, of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) discussing the vision of RBI.

DairyCast RBI segment 01 . Click to listen or right click to download mp3 file to your computer.

DairyCast 0067 for June 12 2007

DairyCast 0067 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0066 for June 8 2007

DairyCast 0066 Show Notes:
  • Chuck Knapp with the law firm Faegre & Benson in Minneapolis talking about immigration issues
  • Mike Blaser with the Brown Winnick Law Firm in Des Moines addressing environmental issues

DairyCast 0065 for June 5 2007


DairyCast 0065 Show Notes:
  • Rick Grant with the Miner Institute looks at Stocking Density issues
  • BSE backgrounder - Why the Japanese do what they do
  • Agrability Project important to producers with disabilities.

DairyCast 0064a for June 1 2007


DairyCast 0064a Show Notes:
  • Special episode - Roundtable Discussion on rbST featuring Dr. Terry Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition and Head of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State; Dr. Dale E. Bauman, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Animal Science and Nutrition, Cornell University; and Dr. Robert Collier, Professor, University of Arizona
  • Terry Etherton Blogspot

DairyCast 0064 for June 1 2007


DairyCast 0064 Show Notes:
  • Link to leadership article
  • High milk prices accompanied by higher costs
  • National Milk Producer's concerned about re-opening Canadian border
  • Tax provisions which accompanied the war funding bill that will affect you

DairyCast 0063 for May 29 2007

DairyCast 0063 Show Notes:

  • Reproductive performance monitors you need to consider with Mike Overton
  • A look at BVD-PI with Guy Loneragan. Link to Dairy Herd Screening Protocols.
  • Genetic markers hot topic for Dr. Jerry Taylor. What a difference a decade makes!
  • Ft. Collins home of the National Animal Germplasm Repository

DairyCast 0062 for May 25 2007

DairyCast 0062 Show Notes:

  • Gary Smith at Colorado State discusses BQA's purpose and function in the beef industry
  • Food animal vet shortage looming
  • Vet student says why he's taking that path

DairyCast 0062a for May 25 2007

DairyCast 0062a Show Notes:

  • Special program featuring Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines on Management and People
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