DairyCast Update for April 30, 2012, EPA and Agriculture's Side?

It is not a surprise that the US Environmental Protection Agency has recently had a decidedly retro-agriculture perspective. However, the range and extent of the actions being taken is unprecedented. Illinois farmer and attorney Gary Baise shared his concerns with these policies and the impact on agriculture with the closing session of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture's annual meeting.
Many of the presentations from that event are now online.

Information To Help Your Operations

  1. Audio: EPA and Agriculture's Side? - Attorney and Illinois farmer Gary Baise once played a role in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. He tells the annual meeting of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture that the agency is now establishing regulations that will end modern agriculture [audio].
  2. Video: Animal Disease Surveillance - Dr. Aaron Scott, Center Director, USDA/APHIS/VS/CEAH, works to answer the question of "Why do animal disease surveillance?". Dr. Scott shares that using risk factors and probability can be used to get the most information at the lowest cost [video].
  3. Audio: Traceability Systems - How do vets, managers, inspectors, and service providers take on using electronic interstate certificate of veterinary inspection (eICVI) and make data exchange easier for everyone [audio]?
  4. Video: Dairy Production Flash Back to 1970 - The Sesame Street Milk Song highlights some of the ways milk was produced in the early 1970's. What has changed in 40 years [video]?

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