DairyCast 0235, Part 1 of keynote address of the Opening General Session of the Cattle Industy Annual Convention

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  • John Kasich, host of Fox News's Heartland and former House Budget Committe Chairman, delivers the keynote address of the Opening General Session of the Cattle Industy Annual Convention, part 1

SSLC 2009: Attendee Reactions To The Conference

Attendee reactions to the Mycogen Seeds 2009 Silage-Specific Leadership Conference.

SSLC 2009: Video Presentations

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SSLC 2009: Interview with Jolene Brown On Family Business Management

Jolene Brown will have you laughing while you learn! She’s fun and funny, long-legged but not long-winded, and so insightful audiences accuse her of sleeping under their beds. The positive impact of her work is well documented by the accolades of those who have had her speak for their events. Coming from West Branch, Iowa this real “Farmer Brown” uniquely understands the hearts, homes and the business of agriculture. Through humor, hope, and helpful ideas her messages are guaranteed to bring ideas to put into action and something good to talk about in the days to come.

SSLC 2009: Pictures from the conference

Pictures from the 2009 Silage-Specific Leadership Conference

SSLC 2009: The Sounds of Silage Lyrics

The Sounds of Silage (

SSLC 2009: Producer Panel Discussion

Panel discussion with Co-Vale Holsteins, Meadow Brook Farms, Quarry Hill Dairy, Wayside Dairy Farm.
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