DairyCast 0428 - Can Tannins Tame Odor Producing Bacteria Emissions?

DairyCast 0428 Show Notes:
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service microbiologist Terry Whitehead is using tannins to cut back manure sourced emissions in his research.  His thought process stems from his ruminant background and the impact eating leaves has on digestion.

DairyCast 0415 - Evaluate Air Quality With This Free Online Tool For Your Dairy

DairyCast 0415 Show Notes:
  • How about a free online tool intended to help you evaluate your livestock system for potential air quality improvement?  No data is collected nor is the operation identified.  This is just for you to know and consider.  Iowa State Extension Agronomist Angela Reick-Hinz joins us to overview the program called NAQSAT - National Air Quality Site Assessment Tool.
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