DairyCast 0453 - EPA is Not On Agriculture's Side

DairyCast 0453 Show Notes:
  • Attorney and Illinois farmer Gary Baise once played a role in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.  He tells the annual meeting of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture that the agency is now establishing regulations that will end modern agriculture.

Global Green Revolution in Animal Agriculture?

Global Green Revolution in Animal Agriculture Dr. Frank Mitloehner provides some practical reference stories from Europe on the viability of standard small operations that would struggle to produce the quantity of food for the growing population. His example story is from the first ‘Bioenergiedorf’ (bioenergy village) Jühnde, in the heart of Germany, where the inhabitants are implementing 21st century energy production systems on top of dairy operations utilizing 1960's production technology.
Most of the dairy barns have not been modernized since the 1960s-’70s, and the scale of production has always been extremely small, especially to someone like me, who is used to California dairies and other concentrated feeding operations. A 100-head dairy is considered a large operation in this idyllic village and other places throughout central Europe.
Dr. Mitloehner highlights that the small dairy farm approach traditional in Europe actually creates a larger carbon footprint than larger operations with 1000's of cows. Dr. Mitloehner advocates for a global green revolution in animal agriculture, "coupled with technology transfers, to supply a growing demand for animal protein, while providing environmental stewardship by using sustainable and modern production practices."

DairyCast 0402 - Will New Anaerobic Digester Technology Pay?

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mp3DairyCast 0402 Show Notes:

  • President of DGH Engineering, Dennis Hodgkinson talks with Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane about the company's new digester technology. 

DairyCast 0327 - Confused by climate change reports? You aren't alone, so KSU researchers work to simplify

Download mp3DairyCast 0327 Show Notes:
  • If you have been confused by reports of the impact of potential climate change legislation, you are not alone.  So Bill Golden, Agricultural Economist at Kansas State University, assembled a team to looking into simplifying the many various reports.

DairyCast 0313 - If you have more than 50 cows, will you need an EPA permit?

Download mp3DairyCast 0313 Show Notes:
  • Rick Krause, American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Director of Congressional Relations, updates us on the current discussions on the hill on climate change and the potential impact for our business.

DairyCast 0249, Part 2 of Dennis Avery's "Light at the End of the Tunnel for Dairying"

Download mp3DairyCast 0249 Show Notes:

  • Director of the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute, Dennis Avery concludes his remarks on indentifying the light at the end of the tunnel for dairying, Part 2

DairyCast 0248, Dennis Avery begins to indentify the light at the end of the tunnel for dairying

Download mp3DairyCast 0248 Show Notes:

  • Dennis Avery, Director of the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute, begins to indentify the light at the end of the tunnel for dairying, Part 1
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