How Energy Efficient is Your Operation?

Renewable energy, sustainability and carbon foot print are all new buzzwords circling the industry these days. Dairy producers and vendors alike are looking at investing in the renewable energy business from bio gas, methane digesters, to carbon credits and solar. There are a variety of opportunities out there to take advantage of. Prior to delving into these opportunities, utility companies say, it would be very beneficial for dairy producers to take a look at how energy efficient their operations really are.


According to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) energy efficiency can be a more cost effective step for dairies to take. They also say that energy efficiency is the fastest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Customers will benefit from lower bills, better building and better work environment. Businesses can also be more competitive on operating expenses. Should a dairy choose to install a renewable energy practice – they will also have much more power to sell if their operation is efficient prior to putting in a renewable technology.


Check with your local utility company to see if they provide an energy audit to customers. Some utility companies provide free energy audits to their customers, that identify no-cost, low cost and investment grade opportunities for energy efficiency. They may include estimated project costs, energy savings, incentives, return on investment and payback.


EnSave is another company that offers incentive based energy efficiency opportunities for dairies across the country. To contact EnSave call Ravi Parikh, Ph: 800-732-1399 or email: