DairyCast 0368 - Capt. Scott O'Grady shares his story of survival through disastrous times (Part 1)

mp3DairyCast 0368 Show Notes:
  • Today, Captain Scott O'Grady, former US Air Force fighter pilot, shares his story of survival after being shot down by the enemy. Part 1. 
  • Take the Amaferm "Beat the Heat" Challenge and benefit from the Amaferm Advantage.

DairyCast 0348 - Professional Baseball Player Takes a Swing at the USDA

mp3DairyCast 0348 Show Notes:
  • It's not everyday that a professional baseball player spends part of his off season as an intern at USDA. But that happened this past fall and winter. Rod Bain, USDA, talks with Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ross Ohlendorf about his experiences.

DairyCast 0347 - Singing Cows and Guns that Blow Bubbles

mp3DairyCast 0347 Show Notes:
  • The average person stops dreaming by age 38! How do we break that statistic and keep the dream alive for a brighter future for our farm, our family, and ourselves? David Okerlund, motivational speaker, illustrates how to live life to the fullest and stay positive in a sometimes negative world.

DairyCast 0242, Top ten stupid things families do to break up their business

Download mp3DairyCast 0242 Show Notes:

  • Jolene Brown, West Branch, Iowa, demonstrated the top ten stupid things families do to break up their business
  • Learn more about Jolene Brown

DairyCast 0223, Part 2, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, on bringing innovation to your business and empowering employees

Download mp3DairyCast 0223 Show Notes:
  • Part 2 of our discussion with Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO. He shares his thoughts on bringing innovation to your business and empowering employees.

DairyCast 0183 for August 12 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0183 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation for leaders and leaders to be: eight elements of leadership presented by CEO of Berry Petroleum Robert Heinemann - conduct, business decisions and transactions based on a foundation of leadership and ethics

2008 NIAA Animal Care and Well-Being: Business Continuity During Animal Disease Emergencies

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DairyCast 0090 for August 31 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0090
Show Notes:

  • Special Leadership program featuring Jeffrey Shames, past Chairman of MFS Investments and 'Executive In Residence' at MIT's Sloan School of Business

Management series: Managers not MBAs

Presentation from MIT OpenCourseWare on the topic of managers not MBAs.

Managers not MBAs. Click to listen or right click to download mp3 file to your computer.

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