DairyCast 0334 - What is the future of Roundup Ready Alfalfa?

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  • Jerry Gano, W-L Research, updates us on the current status of the future of planting Roundup Ready Alfalfa and welcomes our input during the comment period.

DairyCast 0333 - Tips on newborn calf care when difficult problems arise

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  • What is the best method to warm a chilled calf? Larry Hollis, DVM, offers his suggestions on handling difficult situations with new born calves.

DairyCast update for January 26, 2010, Why do some cows thrive and others crash?

Well, I am finishing up the chores then heading off to San Antonio for hopefully some sunshine, warmer weather and a great education. I hope that you have made your plans to be with us this week for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show.

DairyCast 0332 - Why do some cows thrive and others crash? Mary Beth Hall explains

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  • Have you ever wondered why some cows excel while others fail miserably when you make a change to the ration? Dr. Mary Beth Hall, US Dairy Forage Research Center, shares significant insights into her research that might offer some explanations.

DairyCast 0329 - What can you do with moldy corn and silage to maintain cow performance?

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  • Dr. Kathleen Emery, Nutritionist and DVM, weighs in on how we can best manage higher levels of molds and mycotoxins to maintain cow performance. 

DairyCast 0328 - A look back at 2009 and a look ahead to 2010

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DairyCast 0326 - What will happen to the federal estate tax next year?

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  • To help us understand the current and future implications of the federal estate tax we go to the expert Roger McEowen, Director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation at Iowa State University.

DairyCast update for January 12, 2010, Is modern cattle production better for the environment?

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2010 will be extremely prosperous and successful for you. We at DairyCast resolve to continue to bring you the information and solutions you need to enhance your profitability. Let me know how we can help you on a daily basis by sending me a note.

DairyCast 0324 - Wrapping up our conversation with Alex Avery on environmental impacts of raising cows

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  • In this 3rd and final segment from Alex Avery, Director of Research and Education for the Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute, Alex focuses on how data from respectable organizations is not being reported fairly and consistently to the general public for the expressed purpose of moving forward a position that is not environmentally sound.

DairyCast 0322 - Is modern cattle production better for the environment?

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