DairyCast 0407 - Time To Reevaluate Micronutrient Package?

DairyCast 0407 Show Notes:
  •  Dr. Jeff DeFrain, research nutritionist with Zinpro offers thoughts on getting your nutrition package right after cost-cutting efforts over the past few months and where you'll see the impact of your micronutrient package.

DairyCast 0405 - Is Identifying Background Suppliers Important For Risk Management?

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mp3DairyCast 0405 Show Notes:
  • Planet Life Cycle Analysis identifies your supply sources to provide an 'early warning system' when something changes.  Need to identify a shortfall in your trace mineral sourcing?  Dr. Marty Matlock at the University of Arkansas explains why this type of analysis is important to industry sustainability.

DairyCast 0106 for October 26 2007

  Download mp3DairyCast 0106 Show Notes:

  • Husband and wife team Jay and Karen Hall on Hall's Calf Ranch and working together
  • Micronutrients in focus with Technical Marketing Manager Andy Webb of Novus International
  • Jacques Dion keeps your electrical connection clean. Agrivolt for more info.
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