DairyCast 0467 - Aflatoxin Issues and Answers for 2012 Corn

DairyCast 0467 Show Notes:
  • Kansas State's Dr. Joel DeRouchey discusses the aflatoxin issue and options for livestock producers in the months ahead as we feed out the 2012 crop. 

DairyCast 0465 - Nutrition Challenges/Opportunities In 2013

DairyCast 0465 Show Notes:
  • Purina Animal Nutritionist Martha Baker reminds us high grain prices beget high milk prices and producers need to watch marginal milk production in addition to their bottom line.  

DairyCast 0078 for July 20 2007

DairyCast 0078 Show Notes:

  • Mycotoxins a feed concern as base for nutrients widens
  • Bluegrass straw a replacement for alfalfa?
  • Testing to ensure products produce what they're expected to
  • Survey of dairy producers and biofuels by-product use
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