DairyCast 0159 for May 16 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0159 Show Notes:

  •  A research update on how behavior is influencing the nutrition your cattle receive and how you can better manage it.
  • What if there was something you could do after you AI to increase your conception rates? Well, maybe there is. Jeff Stevenson, Kansas State University, explains.

DairyCast 0125 for January 11 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0125 Show Notes:

  • Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois Extension Dairy Specialist, provides a more complete understanding of Milk Urea Nitrogen
  • Developing employee leaders in your dairy can be easier when realizing the multicultural dynamics that exist. Jorge Estrada, Leadership Coaching Intl, helps you do just that.
  • Some new opportunities are on the horizon for young and new farmers

DairyCast 0099b for October 3 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0099b Show Notes:

  • Finding energy and alternatives to starch
  • Covering your ...

DairyCast 0098 for September 28 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0098 Show Notes:

  • Be prepared for media visits
  • Joint dairy/beef nutrition symposium
  • Twinning tips
  • TB status and management in Michigan
  • Rumen Nitrogen poster conversation

DairyCast 0091 for September 4 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0091
Show Notes:

  • Working to pull more feed and fuel per acre
  • Forage utilization including spreadsheet tool for ROI calculations
  • World Dairy Expo conversation with Walt Cooley from Progressive Dairyman
  • Michigan hopes to build model for rest of U.S. in tracking Bovine TB

DairyCast 0087 for August 21 2007

DairyCast 0087 Show Notes:

  • FMD U.K. Update
  • American Meat Institute's Mike Brown on Farm Bill discussion
  • Harvest coming early in several areas of the midwest.  You ready?  Storage considerations with John Anderson.
  • Mike Brook at K State with tips on keeping cattle cooler
  • Vitamin tweaks for top production with Randy Shaver

DairyCast 0083 for August 7 2007

DairyCast 0083 Show Notes:

  • FMD U.K. Update
  • NAIS effort expands thru partnering
  • ZinPro's Mike Socha looks at maximizing cow efficiency
  • Conversation with Walt Cooley, editor of Progressive Dairyman
  • Corn condo concept


DairyCast 0082 for August 3 2007

DairyCast 0082 Show Notes:


DairyCast 0081 for July 31 2007

DairyCast 0081 Show Notes:

DairyCast 0078 for July 20 2007

DairyCast 0078 Show Notes:

  • Mycotoxins a feed concern as base for nutrients widens
  • Bluegrass straw a replacement for alfalfa?
  • Testing to ensure products produce what they're expected to
  • Survey of dairy producers and biofuels by-product use
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