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DairyCast 0428 - Can Tannins Tame Odor Producing Bacteria Emissions?

DairyCast 0428 Show Notes:
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service microbiologist Terry Whitehead is using tannins to cut back manure sourced emissions in his research.¬† His thought process stems from his ruminant background and the impact eating leaves has on digestion.

DairyCast 0152 for April 22 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0152 Show Notes:

  • Do you need another license to operate your dairy? When you consider a social license, the answer is yes. Charlie Arnot, CMA Consulting, talks about how to earn and maintain your social license to operate.

DairyCast 0112 for November 16 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0112 Show Notes:

  • Troy Dumler, Farm Economist and Farm Policy Specialist, updates the current status of the 2007 (2008?) Farm Bill
  • Utilizing risk management tools on your livestock operation in times of high risk and volatility¬†
  • How do we successfully manage odor and what does the EPA have planned to "help" us manage odor better?
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