DairyCast 0336 - How to get more heifers bred by artificial insemination - Part 2

Download mp3DairyCast 0336 Show Notes:
  • Dr. David Patterson, University of Missouri, walks us through the most effective synchronization protocols to get heifers bred by artificial insemination.

DairyCast 0333 - Tips on newborn calf care when difficult problems arise

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  • What is the best method to warm a chilled calf? Larry Hollis, DVM, offers his suggestions on handling difficult situations with new born calves.

DairyCast update for January 26, 2010, Why do some cows thrive and others crash?

Well, I am finishing up the chores then heading off to San Antonio for hopefully some sunshine, warmer weather and a great education. I hope that you have made your plans to be with us this week for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show.

DairyCast 0329 - What can you do with moldy corn and silage to maintain cow performance?

Download mp3DairyCast 0329 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Kathleen Emery, Nutritionist and DVM, weighs in on how we can best manage higher levels of molds and mycotoxins to maintain cow performance. 

DairyCast update for November 17, 2009, If you have more than 50 cows, will you need an EPA permit?

Update for November 17, 2009

We are pleased today to be one of the first to share with you an exciting announcement from Elanco Animal Health. In an effort to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of meeting their customer’s needs, Elanco has released the new, higher concentration of Rumensin. Listen in as Dr. Chel Moore, PhD and Technical Consultant for Elanco, explains the details you should know.

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DairyCast 0309 - Advice from the Grand Champion of the World's Forage Analysis Superbowl

Download mp3DairyCast 0309 Show Notes:
  • David Dickey, South Town Dairy Farm of South New Berlin, NY & World's Forage Analysis Superbowl Grand Champion, offers his perspective on producing high quality forages and getting the most from your cows.

DairyCast 0305 - What advancements are in the future of alfalfa?

Download mp3DairyCast 0305 Show Notes:
  • Mark McCaslin, President of Forage Genetics International, shares some of the latest research on increasing fiber digestibility of alfalfa as well as other research on the horizon.

Mark McCaslin - The Future of Your Alfalfa

The Future of Your Alfalfa - Mark McCaslin, Forage Genetics International, from the 2009 World Dairy Expo, Educational Seminar Series, September 29 - October 3, 2009 Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

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Susie Riser - Providing Value to Animals Through ID: Dairy

Providing Value to Animals Through ID: Dairy - Susie Riser, JoBo Holsteins, at the ID-INFO Expo 2009, August 25 - 27, 2009, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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