DairyCast 0224, Part 1, Dr. Marcia Endres shares some of her extensive research on the topic of compost dairy barns.

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  • A look inside an alternative housing environment: Dr. Marcia Endres, University of Minnesota-St. Paul, shares some of her extensive research on the topic of compost dairy barns.

DairyCast 0221 for December 26 2008

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DairyCast 0218 for December 16 2008

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  • Can DNA markers be used to identify cattle susceptible to certain diseases? Dr. Mark Enns, Colorado State University, shares some of his current research.

DairyCast 0217 for December 12 2008

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  • Speculation in the grain markets leads to a lot of volatility. Tools are available for you at the Chicago Board of Trade to manage your risks. The folks from offer their insights.

DairyCast 0216 for December 9 2008

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  • Ev Thomas, the Miner Institute, shares some advice on silage utilization and other key management issues from his years of experience

DairyCast 0212 for November 21 2008

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  • How can we utilize agrosecurity to safeguard our operations in a few easy to follow procedures? Learn how to respond to animal health related emergences and the necessity of a comprehensive security management plan.

DairyCast 0211 for November 18 2008

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  • Philip Lobo, Animal Agriculture Alliance, provides perspectives on Proposition 2 passing in the state of California and what implications it may have for the rest of us in animal agriculture

DairyCast 0210 for November 14 2008

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  • Concerns are growing among dairy producers and consumers over cow lameness. Today Dr. Gerald Cramer walks us through the steps of overcoming lameness issues and ensuring the health of your herd

DairyCast 0202 - navigating all of the choices of corn silage

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  • Having difficultly navigating all of the choices of corn silage? Everett Thomas, William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, share his years of experience to help simplify the maze.

DairyCast 0201 - enhancing longevity in our cow herds

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  •  Bennet Cassell, well known animal scientist from Virgina Tech, concludes our conversation on enhancing longevity in our cow herds.
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