DairyCast 0270 - Gates Ridell, AABP, on enhancing the business climate for our products

Download mp3DairyCast 0270 Show Notes:

  • Dr. Gates Ridell, Executive Vice President of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, focuses his discussion on protecting our technological advantages

DairyCast 0113 for November 20 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0113 Show Notes:

  • Using fungi in the spent water of ethanol production to gain beneficial ingredients for dairy producers
  • USDA helps share the significance of global trade on a local level
  • A changing paradigm with the National Dairy Checkoff
  • Keeping our tools available to us to optimize production to meet a growing world population

DairyCast 0105 for October 23 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0105 Show Notes:

  • Bill Campion, Pro-Act Microbials, talks about ways to modify your nutrient management plan for added opportunity
  • How we as producers can actively work to protect our production freedomsĀ 

DairyCast 0064a for June 1 2007


DairyCast 0064a Show Notes:
  • Special episode - Roundtable Discussion on rbST featuring Dr. Terry Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition and Head of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State; Dr. Dale E. Bauman, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor of Animal Science and Nutrition, Cornell University; and Dr. Robert Collier, Professor, University of Arizona
  • Terry Etherton Blogspot
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