DairyCast 0163 for May 30 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0163 Show Notes:

  • An update on regulatory and legislative changes to the feed industry from Jerrod Kersey, American Feed Industry Association
  • How keeping equipment clean and sanitized can prevent the spread of microorganisms and keep your cows healthier

DairyCast 0155 for May 2 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0155 Show Notes:

  •  US Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Schafer, provides remarks at the NIAA Annual Meeting regarding US animal agriculture

DairyCast 0150 for April 15 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0150 Show Notes:

  • When will we finally have a new farm bill to operate under?  And who is going to get the payments? Troy Dumler, Kansas State University, provides his insights.
  • Dennis DiPietrie, DairyCast Headliner, shares thoughts on how world economies are influencing our production as well as steps you can take to stay informed.

DairyCast 0139 for March 7 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0139 Show Notes:

  • Cloning: where have we been and where are we today? Gary Crawford, USDA, summarizes recent developments from USDA and FDA
  • Bruce Vincent, Multiple Generation Environmental Steward and Logger from Libby, MT, shares an empowering presentation comparing consumer influence on the logging industry to today's dairy industry 

DairyCast 0129 for January 25 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0129 Show Notes:

  • Learn how to enter to win a trip to the 2008 World Dairy Expo
  • USDA is determining the definition of "natural", but there is still time for your input during their listening phase.
  • The FDA's approval of meat and milk from cloned animals continues to make headlines. We look into the cloning process and the potential ramifications
  • Tom Padgett, Black Eart

DairyCast 0082 for August 3 2007

DairyCast 0082 Show Notes:


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