Deft Hand Required To Get Silage Piles Right

silage pile

A deft hand is needed to get the silage piles in the right form. From Modesto, CA, this article also shares with non-farmers what silage is, how it is harvested, and why it is used as feed for dairy cows.


Who knew that silage piles — those giant mounds of dairy feed covered with plastic sheeting — could be works of art?

A delicate touch helps when managing the piles, which can degrade if too much air gets inside them.

That's why Larry Pacheco tries to minimize the exposed surface when he removes some of the feed from a pile with a tractor.

Silage, which dairy farmers make by fermenting corn or other crops for a few weeks after harvesting, has become an important feed in the Northern San Joaquin Valley and elsewhere.

And it's another example of the sophisticated work behind the seemingly simple business of producing food.

North valley farmers produced about $212 million worth of silage last year, according to county crop reports.


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After a trip to Chicago last week, I am reminded once again how great the distance is between consumers and the farm. While the mileage from downtown Chicago to the nearest farm may not be long, the distance in understanding of consumers and food production is continually growing.

We need to establish education as one of our top priorities and work diligently to close this education gap that exists today. So I challenge each of us to do a little more to help consumers better understand our story of producing their food.

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Well, I am finishing up the chores then heading off to San Antonio for hopefully some sunshine, warmer weather and a great education. I hope that you have made your plans to be with us this week for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention and NCBA Trade Show.

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