SSLC 2009: Conference Survey Highlights

Highlights of 2009 Silage-Specific Leadership Conference survey:
(Ratings were based on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being poor and 6 being excellent.)
  • 100 percent of respondents rated the conference either a 6 or a 5, with an average overall score of 5.7
  • The two most popular aspects of the conference were the welcome reception and dinner (average score of 5.7) and one-on-one discussions with other producers (average score of 5.6)
  • The highest rated speaker was Jolene Brown on “The Top Ten Stupid Things Families Do to Break up Their Business,” with 96 percent rating her presentation either a 6 or 5. The second highest ratings went to the producer panel.

Sampling of comments from attendees:
  • This conference was first class and I enjoyed every aspect of the conference. The panel discussion was the best.
  • I liked the speakers and the nightly entertainment. The information on corn silage was very valuable information. I appreciated the many thoughtful gifts that I received while at the conference.
  • Speakers were on task and relevant to today’s dairy producers.
  • I found the meeting to be very educational. I believe Mycogen corn could be another tool used to increase production. The schedule was very well planned, as well as the company and entertainment. A top notch job.  
  • Very well done, from the food to the entertainment to education and plenty of free time.