SSLC 2009: The Sounds of Silage Lyrics

The Sounds of Silage (to the tune of “The Sounds of Silence”)

Hello Bessie, my old friend

I’ve come to milk you once again

And yet today, I have a great surprise

Something to make your milk production rise

And as I feed

Brown Mid-Rib corn to you….

You softly moo

These are the sounds of silage.

And all at once, it seems so clear

The road to more milk starts right here

Investment return nearing ten to one

With lignin content that is close to none

All from the ones

Who deliver time and time again….


They know the sounds of silage

And now, there’s smiles on every cow

As well as all the folks from Dow

Results will make you feel like you’re dreaming

With milk production steadily streaming

These are the hybrids

That will make folks stand and cheer….

Both far and near

Those are the sounds of silage

This is how Mycogen succeeds

By being so much more than seeds

Year after year, they simply steal the show

There at the World Dairy Expo

And their commitment to the farmers

All across the fields and plains….

Still remains

Thanks to the sounds of silage

I think their trademark says it best

It’s simply “Science. Yield. Success.”

Production rises like never before

Silage-Specific gives you so much more

And so if off in the distance,

You can hear the excited rouse….

Of happy cows

That is the sound….of silage!