DairyCast 0405 - Is Identifying Background Suppliers Important For Risk Management?

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mp3DairyCast 0405 Show Notes:
  • Planet Life Cycle Analysis identifies your supply sources to provide an 'early warning system' when something changes.  Need to identify a shortfall in your trace mineral sourcing?  Dr. Marty Matlock at the University of Arkansas explains why this type of analysis is important to industry sustainability.

DairyCast 0378 - How sustainable is our future in agriculture?

mp3DairyCast 0378 Show Notes:

How Energy Efficient is Your Operation?

Renewable energy, sustainability and carbon foot print are all new buzzwords circling the industry these days. Dairy producers and vendors alike are looking at investing in the renewable energy business from bio gas, methane digesters, to carbon credits and solar. There are a variety of opportunities out there to take advantage of. Prior to delving into these opportunities, utility companies say, it would be very beneficial for dairy producers to take a look at how energy efficient their operations really are.

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