How Does Real Time Disease Surveillance Work?

The UC Davis' Disease BioPortal is a realtime disease surveillance suite that can help researchers understand and track the issues around human and animal disease outbreaks.
The dynamics that foster disease emergence and transmission world-wide continue to expand in complexity and scope, thus creating unprecedented new challenges to solving local, regional, and global problems of animal and human health and to mitigating their social, economic, and political consequences.
Dr. Barbara Brito, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, University of California, Davis, provides an update on this platform.

DairyCast 0197 for October 1 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0197 Show Notes:

  • From World Dairy Expo, Vern Foster announces the re-branding of GEA Farm Technologies to include Westfalia Surge and Houle

DairyCast 0191 for September 9 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0191 Show Notes:

  • Needle-free injections?  How research may allow some existing technology to offer new applications to dairy prodcuers.

DairyCast 0131 for February 1 2008

Download mp3DairyCast 0131 Show Notes:

  • A unique perspective on the US dairy industry from a new citizen and dairy producer
  • Bob West, WestfaliaSurge ProFormance Project Developer, highlights some new technology benefits
  • What is the Center for Food Integrity and how is it working for you?
  • Chris Galen, National Milk, shares his thoughts on the Farm Bill and what it might mean for you

DairyCast 0116 for November 30 2007

Download mp3DairyCast 0116 Show Notes:

  • Preserving our most important resources: our land and our people
  • Increases in grain commodity prices is leading to elevated land values and higher pasture rents
  • New technology available to vets may make life a little easier for producers and vets

DairyCast 0048 for April 3 2007

DairyCast 0048 Show Notes:
  • Keynote speaker at National Institute for Animal Agriculture meeting in Sacramento, Bill Jones of Pacific Ethanol, talks about the biofuels - animal agriculture interrelationship
  • Five major factors limit reproduction efficiency with Paul Fricke of the Univ of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Ladd Muirbrook of DHI Provo discusses his company's new products
  • Dairy acronyms - what they mean and how to lower them with Dr.
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