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DairyCast is sponsoring the "See the Best of Two Dairy Worlds" contest at World Ag Expo!

Progressive Dairyman, with support of DairyCast, is sponsoring the See the Best of Two Dairy Worlds contest.

Win a round trip ticket plus 2-night hotel reservations to the World Dairy Expo, September 30 - October 4, 2008, in Madison, Wisconsin!

2008 NIAA Annual Meeting Animal Care and Well-Being Conference Material

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2008 NIAA Annual Meeting on Animal Care and Well-Being, April 1 - 3, 2008, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Conference audio from several speaker presentations.

DairyCast at 2008 Animal Care and Handling Conference

DairyCast will be at the 2008 Animal Care and Handling Conference , February 14 - 15, in Kansas City, MO, USA, talking with experts and learning about new ideas to share via DairyCast. Are you attending? Let us know your thoughts.

Using Sexed Semen in Your Herd

The use of sexed semen in dairies across the country has continued to increase over the last several years, since its recent introduction into the market.

Talking with Kylene Anderson, Sorted Semen Marketing Specialist with ABS Global she says that there are several benefits to using sexed semen in your herd including creating 90% females, reducing the disease risk from purchased replacements and controlling the cost of replacements.

Anderson says that it’s important for producers to recognize that there are fundamental differences between sorted semen and conventional semen. The sorting process discards unknown cells and those of the undesired gender. This results in fewer live sperm cells available to be packaged in each straw of semen, about 20% less than conventional semen.