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DairyCast at 2008 World Ag Expo February 12 - 14, 2008

DairyCast will be at the World Dairy Expo, February 12 - 14, in Tulare, CA, USA, talking with experts and learning about new ideas to share via DairyCast. Are you attending? Let us know your thoughts.

Wastewater to Drinking Water – Is it possible?

According to Integrated Separation Solutions it just might be possible.

Integrated Separation Solutions is a Wisconsin based company. Originally in the industrial process water and food separation sector, they have recently started working with dairy producers in solving their manure management problems.

Company representative Josh Vrieze, says they like to think of their product as nutrient partitioning. Instead of just separating out the solids by screen or a screw press and removing 20 to 30% solids, their system sends the manure through four different phases. Each phase happens in a matter of minutes and removes a percentage of solids, resulting in close to 100% solid reduction.

The fourth stage involves reverse osmosis and the resulting product looks just like drinking water. According to Vrieze it’s very similar to distilled water because all of the minerals are gone, and it runs very close to meeting drinking water standards.

Although equipment is needed to do this process, potentially this application could be given a discharge permit. Then this might be a more viable option for dairies that are looking at expanding instead of digging a lagoon.

This technology has been around for years, it’s just being adapted to a new industry. Also, no chemicals are involved in the process.

As Vrieze notes, his neighbors don’t mind the cows, but they do mind the lagoons.

2007 Silage Specific Leadership Conference Program PDF file

The linked file below is the 2007 Silage Specific Leadership Conference Program.

2007 Silage Specific Leadership Conference, Wonderful Future of American Dairy, by Dr. Jay Lehr, audio only

Wonderful Future of American Dairy, by Dr. Jay Lehr.
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