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Nestlé Strategy To Access The China Dairy Market


How does a foreign company gain access to such a large food market like China? Build infrastructure and train people in China to create and build supply chains. Nestlé SA is doing just that with the Chinese dairy market by spending millions of dollars to teach farmers how to care for their cows.

Nestlé will guarantee bank loans for [Chinese] farmers to buy more cattle. The company also plans to set up "cow bases," at which small-scale farmers will pay to have their cattle professionally managed.

This strategy will help Nestlé with its supply needed to create its branded dairy products like Carnation, Coffeemate, and Nido for children.

Webinar: Using Social Media to Share Dairy Farm Stories

How can you utilize social media in agriculture? What steps should you take when general media portrays farming operations in a negative light? This webinar offers some guidance, tools, and resources to help. Webinar from Dairy Management Inc. and, December 14, 2011.

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DairyCast Update for Dceember 16, 2011, What is Weather Insurance?

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If you could take weather risks out of the picture, how would it change your decision making? The Climate Corporation can do just that with their unique insurance program. Not production insurance, not crop insurance, but weather insurance. 

What Are The Economics into 2012?

The Economy, Silly!
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Bob Young, American Farm Bureau's chief economist, is seeing food costs going up through their consumer surveys.
Our surveys' would suggest those food prices are up, and up significantly.
However, there are enough of uncertainties in the market places that suggest that food prices will only be a factor but not the driver.

Other activity in agriculture suggests that the sector as a whole is doing well. There still are issues with corn and bean prices remaining high, with impacts to cattle prices. But over all 2012 looks pretty good.

DairyCast update for December 1, 2011, It's The Economy, Silly! What Keeps Economist Up At Night?

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You know how to produce milk. Lots of it. And very efficiently. But those things outside your control never end. Consumers want today's prices and quality produced under conditions and technology from the 1950's. How do you tell them agriculture needs technology to feed 7 billion people?  What don't they understand? Dr. Marty Strauss, Kahn Strauss and Associates, shares how to better bridge that producer / consumer communications gap when today's consumer doesn't really understand what they're getting and why. 

And speaking of consumers, food prices rising. Will they blame ethanol or milk producers? And what will it mean inside the beltway when negotiations on the next Farm Bill begin? American Farm Bureau chief economist Bob Young shares that and more.
How is your dairy conference connection developing? Conferences are more than just the event location, presenters, food, and attendees. Each successive event you plan is building a feeling, a movement, possibly even a brand.