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DairyCast 0462 - What is the Future of Feed Grains?

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DairyCast 0458 - How Will Europe's Mess Affect My Grain Prices?

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DairyCast 0455 - How Do Retailers View The Producer-Consumer Relationship?

DairyCast 0455 Show Notes:
  • National Grocers Association VP of Public Affairs, Greg Ferrara offers his insight on today's social media world as he shares with the recent Stakeholders Summit of the Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting in Alexandria, VA.   In the case of consumer concerns and food safety issues, "We can't wait a day or two.  We've got to respond in minutes!" and when a problem surfaces, "Let the know we've taken care of it immediately."  For both producers and retailers, loss of trust in food safety equates to loss of customers at the counter.

2012 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting

2012 NIAA Living in a World of Decreasing Resources & Increasing Regulation 2012 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting, March 26 - 29, 2012, Denver, CO, USA. Producers, regulators, industry and NGO representatives gathered to go deep on everything from animal identification to disease management and increasing costs. Participants said it was the best NIAA conference yet!

DairyCast 0453 - EPA is Not On Agriculture's Side

DairyCast 0453 Show Notes:
  • Attorney and Illinois farmer Gary Baise once played a role in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.  He tells the annual meeting of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture that the agency is now establishing regulations that will end modern agriculture.

DairyCast 0451 - Nature's Farm Develops Dairy Product Niche

DairyCast 0451 Show Notes:
  • Nature's Farm is developing a specialized retail channel promoting liquid milk products naturally higher in Omega 3 and CLA's.  Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, Jon Van Koy joins us at the JBS United Midwest Dairy Conference to discuss the dietary formulation which contributes to the Nature's Farm product.

DairyCast 0449 - "Pink Slime" PR Nightmare - What's In It? What's it do?

DairyCast 0449 Show Notes:
  • The unfolding "Pink Slime" fiasco made its entry into social consicousness via social media, then exploded onto the national scene.  Here Eric Atkinson talks with Kansas State meat scientist John Gonzales to better understand what the product is and to shed light on some repeatedly reported inaccuracies. 

DairyCast 0443 - Will International Financial Unrest Affect Your Financing Abilities?

DairyCast 0443 Show Notes:
  • Strong balance sheets and a good business plan open lender doors, according to Paul DeBriyn, President and CEO of AgStar Financial.

Nestlé Strategy To Access The China Dairy Market


How does a foreign company gain access to such a large food market like China? Build infrastructure and train people in China to create and build supply chains. Nestlé SA is doing just that with the Chinese dairy market by spending millions of dollars to teach farmers how to care for their cows.

Nestlé will guarantee bank loans for [Chinese] farmers to buy more cattle. The company also plans to set up "cow bases," at which small-scale farmers will pay to have their cattle professionally managed.

This strategy will help Nestlé with its supply needed to create its branded dairy products like Carnation, Coffeemate, and Nido for children.

DairyCast 0441 - Food Safety Isn't Interesting... Until It Is

DairyCast 0441 Show Notes:
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